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Cambodian Christian School Project


Project Location

The Project is located at Sriphen Market, Baan Khodin check Point, Khong Had, Sa Keaw Province, THAILAND


Target Group 

The target group is children who do not attend school, but have a desire to learn to read and write. The school is open M-F from 9:00 AM – 12:00 p.m. as many of these children work in the market early in the morning. They are given a hot lunch daily. Project Background The underprivileged children and victims of war need to know they are special even through hardship in life. Most Cambodians earn approximately one dollar a day. Most of the kids are street kids currently just hanging around all day. Many of the youngest spend their days begging at the border or haul goods back and forth from the Thai market. There is a mythical control at the border. The kids can pass (at the checkpoint) during the day time. Smuggling is a booming business and another source of income for street kids.

(The kids can go to the Thai market and buy anything). A lot of children get trafficked to Thailand and come back addicted to drugs and contract HIV. This is the very nature of economic activity for Cambodia’s children. If they can work they need to work very long hours for only a small income. They are living a day–to –day existence with little thought about tomorrow or education for a better future. Current Issue After observing the low literacy rate among many Khmer children a small school was set up. The school was originally held in 3 rented rooms. In 2011 a brand new school was built to house 3 classes. Our vision is to teach the children in a loving Christian environment so that they learn how to take care of themselves in order to improve their lives.

Teachers Mhom, Heng and Tut

Project Coordinator Tat Chookwan