School visits

First fundraiser 2008

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Our first promotion for fundraiser 2008


Having decided to help the Hmong refugees following my visits at the beginning of 2008, West Epping Uniting Church organised a trivia night fundraiser with the goal of building a school / vocational centre for the teenagers at the camp who had missed out on an education.  The night was a great success and the building of the school began.  50 teenage boys from the refugee camp worked daily for 3 months to complete the centre which was very basic but had already achieved so much – teaching them building and carpentry skills and giving them a sense of purpose.

Sadly due to the whole refugee camp being shut down and the refugees being sent back to an uncertain fate in Laos at the end of 2009, the centre was only used for a short but very valuable time.  At this time we were let to our current project at the Thai /Cambodia border school.

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