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Mine accident

The Steps with Hope team believed that we should step out in faith and help them as this was also a way to educate the 2 older boys (who are both still under 12yrs of age) – to learn how to walk in the path their deceased Dad would have wanted – for them to support their Mum. So education does not only come in the form of going to school but also in a broader sense. I hope you enjoy the attached photo that has recently arrived showing the family with the 2 new additions!!Many thanks again.Jen Spoor and the Steps with Hope Team

Many of you will remember that earlier this year we decided to help a Cambodian family who had suffered a tragedy (see photos to the left). Through selling small bookmarks we were able to raise enough money to provide this mum and her family with 2 piglets and enough food to help the pigs grow so that they can sustain the family.